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Rava kanji with Pachai payaru

Godhuma Ravai

Its summer time here in Hyd and Andhra heat is soaring day by day. And you start making calls to your mom, friend’s mom, granny…great granny….in quest of coolants. There are n-number of cool drinks…the unbeatable SI Neer mor( i do not know the eng/hindi name) , NI lassi, panagam, Mango panna, sweet tea with mint and lots more….but then is there some light meal kind of recipe too??

Any lady of the house would die to get such a recipe which would save her from sweating through the cooking ritual during summer.Here is one such recipe apart from the usual Pazhaya sadham (leftover rice) using broken wheat/rava (see pic).


Broken wheat/Dalia – 1 cup

Water – 2 cups

Pachai payaru/Green moong dal – 1/2 cup soaked in water the previous night

Buttermilk – a pitcher

For seasoning:

Oil, cumin seeds, salt & chilly powder


 1.Heat the water in a vessel and empty the rava when it star ts boiling, add salt and cook it well till the rava turns soft. If using a microwave, mix the water, rava and salt and cook it for 3-4 minutes. I used the Mayil mark Rava which I bought from coimbatore, but dalia would work fine too

2.Allow it to cool and meamwhile prepare the pachai payaru. Steam the payaru adding little salt and then in a pan heat a spoon of oil , splutter cumin seeds, add the payaru, salt & chilli and cook it for a minute. Thats it

Once the cooked rava cools down mix it with cool buttermilk to soup like consistency and have it with pickle and payaru. Its wholesome and gives a refreshed feeling instantly

Rava Kanji with pachai payaru & pickle