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Arisi-paruppu sadham – reliving coimbatore tradition

Agriculture was the predominant occupation of people in and around coimbatore, pollachi, tirupur etc., That demands daylong toiling in the fields , its like doing a complete workout at a gym!! So when people came back home in the eve all they need is a warm bath and some yummy for the worked out tummy….now no matter how tired they are , the mothers always ensured that their families are well cared for with a heartiful meal . So what do they do?? not a 2 minute noodle…but they make arisi-paruppu sadham!!It could be done in a jiffy and still was wholesome in itself.The name says it all , arisi (rice)-paruppu(lentil) sadham…..its a balanced diet with rice, pulses , veggies and more importantly its lip-smacking good. So here is how we go about it

You need

Rice – 1 cup

Toor dhal – half cup

vegetables (carrots, cabbage, beans, peas….or a combination of these) – half cup

Shallots or small onions ( you could use the normal large variety too, but this enhances the taste)

garlic – 3 or 4 cloves

green chillies – 2

tomato – 1 small

curry leaves

mustard seeds and oil for tempering

This is how


1.Wash and soak the rice and toor dhal for half an hour

2.In the meantime chop the onions, garlic,vegetables, and tomatoes finely.Slit the green chillies

3.In a pressure cooker heat a tsp of oil, preferrably til oil and let the mustard seeds splutter, now add the green chillies, onion ,garlic and curry leaves. Once the onions are translucent add the tomatoes , little salt, turmeric powder and chilly poweder and saute it for a minute.

4. Now add the veggies(I used cabbage, but it could be anything as mentioned earlier) and 3-4 cups of water depending on the type of rice and let it come to a boil

5.When the masala , veggie , water mixture starts boiling drain and add the soaked rice and daal. At this point taste the seasoning in the water, the level should be little higher so that when it is cooked it is of right amount.So go ahead and add salt/chilly powder/more slit green chillies

6.Put the pressure cooker lid and let it give a whistle, turn it to low heat , leave it for a couple of minutes and switch it off. You can even make this by simply boiling everything in a kadai like how i did, tastewise both are same.

When the pressure is released transfer it to a plate and serve this with a dollop of ghee, pickle and some yoghurt. Trust me, it dosent taste like bisi bela bath, its completely differnt and heavenly….