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Golden Temple(GT) Aata Pancakes!

I strongly believe “Necessity is the mother of invention”, otherwise why would I make pancakes and not rotis out of GT durum wheat flour?? For one thing, it does not turn out to be rotis, but something like a flattened bubble gum…eh! guess no one will prefer such a huge gum to chew on that too with some Indian dal and subji!!

I had some yummy homemade cranberry orange preserve , some leftover Kefir and an ultra-ripened banana…perfect to whip up some pancakes.


pancake batter

1 cup GT durum flour

a pinch of baking powder

5 pods of powdered cardamom

1.5 cups of kefir/buttermilk

1 banana cut to small pieces

1 egg (optional)

a pinch of salt

2 tbsp of  sugar (I used raw brown cane sugar)


Mix everything together and leave it for 10-15 minutes.The batter should not be too runny and it should be more or less like a cake batter.Heat a griddle with few drops of oil and pour the pancake batter into a half inch thick circles. Cook it on both sides till lightly brown.

Serving options:

I served mine with some wildflower honey and some homemade cranberry preserve

Can be served with some sliced stawberries & maple syrup.

Goes wonderful with whipped cream too, if you do not mind the calories.

P.S Usually pancake recipe calls for milk or buttermilk, but I refrain from using milk and salt together in any recipe for the reasons mentioned here . Friends who are regular on cereals, take note whether it has salt in it or have your cereal with beaten yogurt or Kefir.

With cranberry jam, honey & frozen strawberries