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Kathirikkai Chutney or Baked Eggplants in tamarind juice

Well, this is one unique chutney which they make in the Kongunadu district. Usually kongunadu cuisine is known for its spicy non-veg preparations, but even for vegetarians like me there is a huge spread. Lot of these things have almost gone extinct, people dont know there used to be such a preparation of brinjal at all. The least I can do is to make a post on it, so that its not completely lost and will be of use to someone somewhere.

This chutney does not involve cooking at all except for the initial baking part and it does not require any exotic ingredients too.The preparation is full of rustic flavours and is traditionally served  with  Arisi-paruppu sadham, for which I have already posted the recipe.

Brinjal and tamaring paste

You Need:

Brinjal – 4 (if small) or 1( if big)

Green chillies – 2 to 3 chopped fine

Curry leaves – chopped fine

Onion – 1 chopped fine

a small bunch of Coriander leaves – chopped fine

Thick tamarind juice – 2 Tbsp or according to taste

Salt to taste


1.You can either bake the brinjal or eggplants in a oven or on a gas burner. Either way make sure you keep turning over the eggplants so that its evenly cooked on all sides so that the outer skin can be peeled off. I did this on the gas burner and when you can feel that the eggplant has gone very soft and the outer skin has gone charcoal black you can stop cooking.

2.Now once it cools down , peel of the skin , part them and check for good ones and then put them in a bowl. Now combine with all the other ingredients and mash them nicely.You can add little water to dilute the chutney it its too thick.

Thats it….its very simple and yet makes an excellent combo with arisi-paruppu.Enjoy!!