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Gooseberry(Nellikkai) Conserve – Chyawanprash

The sight of fresh green Gooseberries always bring back my sweet childhood days at my grandparent’s place. Unlike todays apartment culture , we had an independent house and a huge garden around it. There were quiet a number of coconut trees, sitapal, red guava, a couple of neem trees , and gooseberry. This was apart from a number of flowering shrubs like hibiscus and mesmerising manoranjitham .This garden was the favourite play area for all the neighbourhood kids. And our favourite in-between snack was nellikkai mixed with a pinch of salt and chilli powder…!! it makes me drool even now 🙂 .These days I do not get a chance to see the small tiny variety which we used to enjoy. What we commonly get in market is the bigger ones known as malai-nellikkai or Amla.The sourness is a bit more than the tiny one , but both are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants as most of you would know and relishing one everyday will definitely keep your resistance in check. I dont know whether Apple a day keeps the doctor away but this sour apple definitely does. Well….ok now i really dont understand why the good things are not always tasty….because even I do not have the grit to sit and enjoy this Amla everyday, i do not take a liking for this sourness. So you can imagine how kids will behave. Thats where this Chyawanprash comes to rescue, the sour taste is carefully camouflaged in this gooseberry conserve which can be bottled and kept.The recipe I have given here is the basic one which I learnt from my sister-in-law. With a 5 year old son, she tries all kinds of masking techniques like this to make him eat 🙂

Ingredients :

Malai nellikkai or Amla – 15-18
Sugar – 1 cup or as per taste
Ghee or Clarified butter – 5-6 Tbsp

To powder:

cardamom – 5-6 pods
Cumin seeds – 2 Tsp
Black pepper – 2 Tsp


1.Wash the Amla and then pressure cook them for a whistle with very little water, probably less than half a cup
2.Remove the seeds from the boiled Amla and then mash them nicely.Make sure you remove any excess water. If you cook them with less water, there will not be any need to squueze the water out.
3.Now in a wide mouthed vessel heat the ghee and saute the mashed Amla in it for about 5-6 minutes. This is to evaporate the moisture in the mixture.
4.Once you are sure the Amla ghee mixture is cooked enough add the sugar to it and keep stirring. I added around 1 cup of sugar , but you can reduce or increase the amount depending on how much sourness you like in you chyawanprash
5.Once you add the sugar , the mixture will loosen up a little bit , keep stirring it and within a few minutes all the mixture will come together without sticking to the sides.Now add the cardamom, pepper and cumin powder , give it a mix and turn off the flame.

Allow it to cool completely before bottling it.A spoon of this can be taken along with milk everyday. You can reduce the quantity of sugar in this recipe to half and substitute it with honey. But make sure you add the honey once Chyawanprash cools completely. The Chyawanprash stays good for almost 2 months.